Dec. 15, 2017 Wergleyburg


This Seattle three-piece band specializes in Swing, Foxtrot and Waltz. Don’t miss this opportunity to dance to these wonderful musicians. Holiday dessert potluck! (At the Masonic Hall).

This versatile band plays dances at the Leif Erikson Hall and Century Ballroom in Seattle most frequently, and is a favorite in the Seattle area.

Wergleyberg( or, Almost KGB) Consisting of Terry Wergeland, Claude Ginsburg, and Dave Bartley.

KGB has always been popular with our dancers. KGB’s usual keyboard player, Julie King is not available so in her place we have an extraordinary pianist named Terry Wergeland, who often plays with Valse Café Orchestra. He’ll be playing with Dave Bartley and Claude Ginsburg of KGB, hence the name:

So you will hear most of your favorites just like KGB only more. Expect lots of swing, waltz, and some Latin. All the great KGB energy!

“Fiddle tunes infiltrated by foreign agents!”

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